The History Of Principals

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A principal is the head or director of a school who has executive authority for  a school. As the first, or the highest in rank, the top commitment is to improve student learning. In honour of the principals that have served and led Sabah College since its establishment, below are the lists of the honourable people along with their date of service :



1st Principal, Mr G. Clarke (May 1957 - May 1963)

2nd Principal, Dr F.J Rawcliffe (May 1963 - Dec 1966)


3rd Principal, Mr Siew Peg Foo (January 1968 - May 1970)

4th Principal, Datuk Vincent T.Y Shia (May 1970 - September 1976)

5th Principal, Mr Yong Foo Sang (September 1976 - May 1980)

6th Principal, En. Hj. Moktar Senik (Mei 1980 - Januari 1981)

7th Principal, En Ahmad A. Staun (January 1981 - 1986)

8th Principal, Puan Hajah Dg. Haruni (1991 - May 1995)

9th Principal, Pn Hasnah Yunan (1991 - 1995 )

10th Principal, En Ahmad Bin Abdul Wahab (September 1995 - May 1998)

11th Principal, Puan Julia Willie Jock (1998 - March 2006)


 12th Principal, Puan Hajah Nuinda Haji Alias, Excellent principle (March 2006–Present)

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